Sercomm Consulting Ltd

recent projects

vCard migration utility

Extract and migration of iPhone contact information utilising vCard, SQLite, Excel and VBA.

Spanish villa brochure website

Design and development of brochure responsive website for the promotion of villa rentals.

NEST workplace pension interface

Desktop application for publishing employee pension and salary information from Quickbooks accounting software to the government National Employment Savings Trust website.

On-line Directory Management

Web based directory management for association members with integration with back office systems. Utilising 2 way XML data feeds with VB, SQL Server and Access database application development.

Web based Orthopaedic Research questionnaire collection

Dynamic web presentation of Post Operative Orthopaedic outcomes reviews. Collection and processing of patient review data. Integration of web and in-house database systems.

Online data collection and moderation

Design and develop an online data collection and integrated back office moderation solution for a major UK trade Association. The solution provides association members the ability to manage their company profile and editorial online with the back office moderation application managing updates to multiple databases and the website.

Exhibition visitor registration

Management system for the processing of electronic exhibition visitor registration forms. Microsoft Outlook addin for scanning visitor registration emails and extraction of visitor details. Matching of visitor details to previous visitors database.

Orthopaedic Research and Outcomes Monitoring

Design and development of database systems for the collection and reporting on Orthopaedic joint replacements. The systems have evolved over many years and now provide a sophisticated platform used at several centres for the long term follow up of patients. In 2006 the Elective Orthopaedic Centre (EOC) at Epsom General Hospital became a major user of the system enabling the follow up for over 3,000 joint replacement operations performed each year. Also, used at the EOC to manage, currently 8, national and international Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP) studies. These studies run for 10 years and provide the long term data collection and reporting on new implants. Three further systems operate, two at St Helier Hospital and one at St Anthony’s Hospital. These extensive datasets are used to create research presentations and publications to the broader healthcare community.